Continuing our series on 9 Mind-Blowing Javascript Based Canvas Demos, here are 3 more amazing and potentially mind-blowing javascript based canvas demos for you to consider:

Motion Graphic Typeface

This particular effect is very hard to describe in words, as so many other javascript canvas demos are, but this one is particularly difficult. Anyways, here it goes. There are different letters that you will see which are comprised of a number of different types of image data. All this comes together to create an animation that is simply amazing. The position of your mouse will next determine the animation of the letter and its aspect which is surprising.

Motion Graphic Typeface 2

After the success of the Motion Graphic Typeface 1, the developers decided it was time to release an upgrade, and hence the Motion Graphic Typeface 2 was born. In addition to the animation that you had noticed in the first part, the letters now feature an animation with a blur effect that is itself part of the animation. This creates a curious rendition of the letters giving it a mesmerising effect. There is a demo available if you want to see it for yourself to understand.

Gestures plus Reveal.JS

This one is for all the MacBook users. The effect is not only amazing but beautiful. You won’t even have to touch your mouse or keyboard to use this demo because it uses your device’s microphone and camera to capture your hand moments. There is a cube made up of data that will appear on your screen. The moment you start moving your hands in all the different directions you can, you will see the cube of data is moving to mimic your hand gestures. This has the power to freak you out completely.

In the third and last article, you will read about the last 3 javascript based canvas demos.