Continuing from our first post, here are 10 amazing javascript demos that were made using 1k or less:

Strange Crystals

Imagine an unknown area, a dark mine with a tunnel that you can explore. This is what the Strange Crystals is all about. Developer Philippe Deschaseaux created this amazing but compact game that begins with the description that talks about the miners who are known to have stopped working. They have found some strange sparkling crystals and it seems that they are afraid of them. Your journey will begin and you are supposed to be on the lookout for these shiny crystals. Now, your job is to enter the mine and find those strange crystals and unravel their mystery. Pretty neat for a game under 1k.

1k Meteors

This is an old school under 1k game that will immediately make you feel the retro effect. We are all fascinated by asteroids and the depth of the universe. Oscar Toledo G created 1k Meteors, a game that operates at 30 frames/second. The unique thing about this game is that every instance is unique. The game is also very realistic and keeping that in mind, the creator has added no sounds because sound cannot travel in space.

Don’t worry, Bee happy

This is a brightly coloured game where you will notice a bee (busy) flying all over the place in the middle of brightly coloured green grasses. There are colourful flowers, a bright blue sky, and a sun. The camera will constantly follow the bee flying in all the different directions. Manuel Rulke is the developer who came up with this unique and amazing idea. As expected, the game is under 1k but offers amazing graphics, and fun unlimited. Once again, the Closure Compiler was used to reduce the size of the game.

In part 3, well learn about 4 other demos that you must check out today.